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Forever - The Perfect Wedding Poem
If I Could

Clearly Me Luise ô

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You didnít just touch my body
You caressed my aching heart;
Your eyes didnít simply see me
They beheld the depth of my passion.
I spoke and you heard in all that I said
Much more than every day words;
You listened intently to my secret song
And joined in its sweet refrain... MORE
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If I could reach out and grab words from the universe I'd reach out and sieze the finest ones...the depest ones, the most loving.
I'd place them artistically on pretty paper and rearrange each word until it formed a virtual masterpiece of magnificent prose...MORE
The Source of Your Pleasure
I want to be the source of your pleasure.
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes
I want to entice you, excite and delight you
I want to be the source of your pleasure...MORE