Forever - The Perfect Wedding Poem

Clearly Me Luise ô

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You didnít just touch my body

You caressed my aching heart;

Your eyes didnít simply see me

They beheld the depth of my passion.


I spoke and you heard in all that I said

Much more than every day words;

You listened intently to my secret song

And joined in its sweet refrain.


In a world that moves too fast

You stopped to get to know me;

Seeing my momentary weaknesses

You chose to support my strengths.


Your first kiss sealed a promise

That there would never be a last kiss;

In an age of temporary romance

You boldly offered me a lifetime.


I smile to myself because I know

Youíre truly a cosmic gift;

You came to surprise my heart

And you stayed to stir my soul.


-Clearly Me Luise-